7 Great Brands Made in America

With the 4th of July around the corner, its time to highlight some of our favorite brands that are made in the USA. Product made in America is harder and harder to find nowadays, so let’s be sure to support them this Independence Day.

1. Hooks & Harvest (In-Store Only)

We’ll start with the hometown favorite. Hooks and Harvest is based out of Enterprise and yes, they’re shirts are 100% Made in America. Started in 2012 by local Dalton Dalrymple, Hooks & Harvest is brand that wants to celebrate the outdoors. Dalton, an avid hunter and fisherman, draws all the designs for his shirts himself based on his experiences in the outdoors. If you love the outdoors and need a t-shirt to match your lifestyle, then take a long look at Hooks & Harvest.

2. Custom Chacos

Eagle Eye has carried Chaco for years and they’ve been a popular staple in our store. Now, for the first time ever, we’re proud to announce Eagle Eye’s custom Chaco line. Designed by our own buyer, Andy McDuffie, we’re offering online and in our store 6 unique Chacos that can only be found with us. Best of all? They’re made in America and built with an industry-trusted Vibram outsole.

made in america, chaco, custom, vibram
Custom Chaco

3. Costa (In-Store Only)

That’s right. Your favorite sunglasses are made in America. In fact, they’re made not far from here in the lovely Daytona Beach, FL. If you’ve been getting by with a cheap pair of shades from the gas station, don’t you think it’s time for an upgrade? We just expanded our selection of Costa and now carry over 500 frames. Eagle Eye is THE place to do your sunglass shopping so come on in and get ready for 4th of July weekend.

made in america, costa, sunglasses, shades
Costa Sunglasses

4. Over Under (In-Store Only)

“Quality Made Clothing for the Southern Gentleman.” Over Under is primarily a menswear brand that specializes in t-shirts and leather goods. They’re t-shirts carry a wide variety of designs from hunting and fishing themes to their logo-sake the Labrador Retriever. Over Under makes their t-shirts out of Pima Cotton making their shirts extra soft. Best of all, they’re 100% Made in America.

over under, preserving the sporting lifestyle
Over Under t-shirt

5. Benchmade (In-Store Only)

High-end knives are a new addition to Eagle Eye this year. We wanted to carry a knife brand that was unique to our area, but also unquestioned in its quality. We found that brand in Benchmade. Part of their quality comes from the fact that all their knives are made in Oregon City, Oregon. Benchmade makes, hands down, some of the best knives in the world. We’ve got a great selection of fixed blades, folding blades, and out-the-front blades that you need to check out.

benchmade, griptilian, made in usa
Benchmade Knives

6. Thorlo

You think it’s hard to find shirts that are made in the USA? It’s harder to find American-made socks. But that’s exactly what Thorlo is. They consider themselves the Last American Sock Brand. Besides being made in American, what separates Thorlo as a sock brand is their clinically-tested padding. If you’ve never worn socks with padding then you don’t know what you’re missing. Check out our selection online or in our store.

thorlo, experia, phd, made in usa
Thorlo Experia socks

7. Filson (In-Store Only)

Eagle Eye carries more than just American-made clothing. We also feature American-made bags and belts by Filson. Filson makes high-quality leather belts that are guaranteed to last. They’re also behind some of the finest made bags and briefcases in the market. Filson is known worldwide for their quality and definitely worth you checking out


filson, briefcase, made in america, leather goods
Filson Original Briefcase

If American-made apparel and gear is what you want this Independence Day, then make sure you check out Eagle Eye Outfitters. We’ve got you covered. Happy 4th!

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