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ATO Walk Hard 2020

Eagle Eye Outfitters is proud to partner with Troy University’s Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity for the Walk Hard 2020 event!

What is Walk Hard?

Walk Hard is an annual six-day, 128.3-mile charity hike from Troy, Alabama to Panama City Beach, Florida that takes place each spring. Brothers of the Troy University Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity participate in this hike during their spring break. This year, they begin their walk on Friday, March 6, and walk until Wednesday, March 11. Ultimately, this event raises money and awareness for the Wounded Warriors and Jeep Sullivan’s Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures. Walk Hard began in March 2010 and has been a very successful event ever since, with ATO even receiving Troy University’s most highly-acclaimed philanthropy event award.

The Walk Hard 2020 Journey

The long, tedious adventure begins in Troy, AL. Before leaving Troy on the morning of Friday, March 6, fellow students, friends, family, and other people from the community throw a huge send-off bash for the walkers. After departing, the walkers will head to Enterprise, AL. This stretch will be the longest portion of the walk at 28.4 miles. Upon arriving in Enterprise, the walkers will receive a nice meal and place to sleep at a local church. The next day will start bright and early as the walkers will continue their journey from Enterprise, AL. to Hartford, AL. This stretch of the journey is 21.7 miles. Again, the walkers will partake in a nice meal at a church in Hartford. Day three consists of a 22.4-mile walk from Hartford, Al. to Bonifay, FL. The walkers can rejoice because they are in Florida! One step closer. Day four hits and the walkers will make the 19.6-mile trek from Bonifay, FL. to the big town of Vernon, FL. After lodging and dining that night, the walkers will be ready to embark on day five. Day five consists of an 18.6-mile walk from Vernon, FL. to Ebro, FL. On this night, the walkers will stay at Pine Lodge State Park, where they will get to sleep under the stars! Talk about a neat experience. Upon waking up, the walkers will spend day six traveling 17.6 miles from Ebro, FL. to Panama City Beach, FL. where they will end their journey! An enormous celebration will take place at Pier Park when the walkers arrive.

During the dinner at each church/location they plan to stop at, different wounded warriors will come and speak to the walkers. It will be a powerful time for the guys to hear from actual veterans who have served and been wounded in war. The walkers will also wear backpacks when walking so that they can perfectly model what soldiers go through when they make long, hard treks.

ATO Walk Hard 2020
Members of Troy University’s Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity get ready to being their six-day trek from Troy, AL to Panama City Beach, FL as part of their annual Walk Hard event benefiting Wounded Warriors and Jeep Sullivan’s Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures

Jeep Sullivan’s Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventure Organization

Jeep Sullivan’s Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures is a wonderful organization, owned by Jeep and Meg Sullivan, that has partnered with ATO on the Walk Hard event for the past seven years. This non-profit organization offers “combat wounded veterans and their families opportunities to enjoy God’s great outdoors.” Their mission is to “honor these courageous men and women while facilitating complete healing to the body, soul, and spirit.” Wounded Warriors have the ability to hunt, fish, participate in other exciting outdoor activities through this organization.

Jeep and Meg are big supporters of Walk Hard. They continually help with cleanup, cooking meals, and transporting supplies to and from as the walkers need them throughout the walk. 

“It’s cool that God has allowed us to use our organization as a ministry for soldiers, and through the ATO Walk Hard event, college students too.”

-Jeep Sullivan on the Walk Hard event.

Brand Support for Walk Hard 2020

Several of our brand partners have partnered with us here at Eagle Eye Outfitters for the Walk Hard event. With their help, we are able to provide all walkers with everything from footwear to apparel to accessories for their long journey.

We can’t thank these amazing brands enough for partnering with us on Walk Hard 2020:

Thank you to the brands below for donating product to raffle away to raise funds towards Walk Hard 2020.

If you’d like to support the Walk Hard organization, you can donate to the cause, Click Here. And don’t forget to follow along on ATO’s Instagram and Facebook pages for updates on their walk throughout the week!

The Day Before Walk Hard 2020
Walk Hard 2020 – Day 1
Walk Hard 2020 – Day 2
Walk Hard 2020 – Day 3
Walk Hard 2020 – Day 4

Walk Hard 2020 – Day 5
Walk Hard 2020 – Day 6

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