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Black Friday Car Campout FAQs

Like everything else this year, Black Friday at Eagle Eye Outfitters looks a little different. Our team has worked countless hours to reimagine our Black Friday experience, and we are so excited about what we have in store for you! This year we will be having and epic Car Campout. We will leave it up to you the type of car camper you want to be! We know with all the changes you probably have a lot of questions, so we have compiled our Black Friday Car Campout FAQs!

When should I arrive?

We suggest arriving between 1-2 AM to be parked by our parking crew.

Where should I enter the parking lot?

You should enter on the Panera side of the parking lot to be directed to a spot.

If I’m first in line do I get the $500 gift card?

No. We do not suggest arriving before 1 AM. The goal is to be one of the first 300 people. In other words, all of the goody bags will be given out at random!

What will prevent me from parking my car there Thanksgiving day?

We won’t have parking signs up until 1 AM on Friday, so you won’t know if you are in the right spot and will have to move to the back of the line.

Therefore, a car without a person forgoes their parking tag and moves to the end of the line. We ask that you don’t begin arriving until 1:00 AM to be parked by our parking service and receive a tag.

Will you have bathrooms?

Yes! We will have porta potties on-site during your overnight camping.

What if i have COVID?


You cannot enter the building if you have had or knowingly have been exposed to someone who:

  • has a pending or positive COVID test
  • tested positive within the last 14 days
  • has/had a fever in the last 14 days

We ask that you respect the health of our employees, family, friends, and customers.

Are masks required in-store?


We have FREE disposable ones if you forgot yours, again.

Can we bring our RV or camping trailers?


We cannot accommodate oversized vehicles.

Will you have security on-site?


We will have police officers on-site for Black Friday.

Will there be food trucks?


However, you can bring your own snacks or even a meal to enjoy as you wait.

What radio station do we need to tune into?

104.1 FM

Will be your source of entertainment and info during our car camp. We are going to have tons of giveaways too!

Do I need to arrive with everyone that wants a goody bag?

Yes, once you have parked you will receive a parking tag with your space number and the number of people in your car that reserves your goody bag(s).

Can I add people to my car after receiving the parking tag?

We will not be able to add them to your goody bag reservation, but you are welcome to have them hang out with you to make time pass faster.

Can I leave after getting my parking tag?

No. Your car must remain in it’s space once you have received a parking tag or your will forfeit your place in line for a goody bag.

When will we know to come in-store?

We will slowly release Car Campers by row via radio station announcements (on 104.1) based on their parking tag number. After you are called, bring your parking tag (and camping crew) with you to claim your goody bag(s). Everyone must be present to receive their bag or the missing person(s) will forfeit their goody bag.

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