Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Christmas is a time for family bonding, seeing friends, and gift-giving. However, this can be stressful as people figure out what to get their loved ones. The best choices revolve around knowing the interests and passions of the person you’re buying for. Read these Christmas gift ideas for the whole family for some suggestions—and be sure to check out our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for additional ideas.

For Dads

What kind of dad doesn’t want a brand new long-sleeve or vest to wear during the cold? Get dads everything from puff jackets to cotton woven shirts. These are stylish, warm, and perfect for any holiday festivity. It doesn’t matter if he works in an office or out in a construction zone, these clothes will make Dad smile from ear-to-ear. If shirts aren’t his style, consider some new jeans or khaki pants. These will go great with any flannel or pullover shirt. Add some winter boots and wool socks and you have a complete winter outfit. You can even throw in some camouflage gear for an outdoor adventure.

For Moms

As with Dad, get Mom something she’ll love with her favorite clothes. Hooded jackets and Sherpas are comfortable options for the cold weather. They provide the perfect insulation to keep your body comfortable during heavy winds and low temperatures. Be sure to add new pants to the mix. Some fitted jeans will match any jacket or blouse. If you plan on staying inside this winter, then a brand-new lounge pants or shorts are just what you need. These comfortable bottoms offer ease and flexibility. Throw on a thick pullover or long-sleeve and you’ll have a great lounging outfit. You can also surprise Mom with a new pair of shoes. Whether it’s low heel ankles boots, sneakers, flats, or sheepskin boots, she will love whatever is in the box.

For Kids and Teens

You’ve got to include any children in your gift-giving. Get kids and teens something comfortable and casual to wear at school and around the house. Sweatshirts, designed t-shirts, polos, jeans, and leggings are all excellent choices. You can even get your infant their own hoodie designed to look like a furry creature. Either way, everyone will be warm and stylish. Get some Auburn University and Troy University gear for any Tiger or Trojan in the family. Don’t forget the boots and shoes! If clothing isn’t their style, you can always get your child a new wallet, purse, backpack, or even a pair of sunglasses. Your child will love these gifts no matter their age.

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