Fjällräven at Eagle Eye!

Nature is waiting for you with the arrival of Fjällräven at Eagle Eye. Founded in 1960, Fjällräven has always had a clear focus: to develop durable, timeless and functional outdoor equipment that stands the test of time. Also, equipment that will inspire people to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors, on nature’s terms. Eagle Eye Outfitters is both proud and excited to announce that we are now carrying this line of bags. Below are the five styles that we carry. 

The first style shown is called the Raven (28L). This pack is unisex and designed to be used outdoors; however, it does have a laptop pocket so it would be perfect for school too. There is also a zippered front pocket and two side pockets – perfect for drink bottles and other items you want to keep close to hand. This pack retails for $109.95 and comes in these three colors.

Blue Fjallraven Raven 28L Backpack
Fjällräven Raven 28L Backpack

This second style shown is the Raven (20L). The Raven (20L) is the same design as the Raven (28L), except it is smaller. This style also has a laptop pocket! We carry this style in five different colors, and it retails for $89.95.

This third style shown is called the Kanken. This style is one of Fjällräven’s most popular. It is 16 liters, so definitely much smaller than the first two packs we looked at. It does not have a laptop pocket, but can be used for everyday adventures. The Kanken comes in nine different colors and retails for $79.95.

The fourth style shown is the Kraken Mini. It is about half the size of the Kanken, with a volume of 7 liters. This cute little bag could be used for a purse or even a little book bag for a child. It is available in four different colors and retails for $69.95.

Fjällräven’ Kraken Mini Backpack

The fifth and final style we carry is the Kanken 15″ Laptop Bag. Its volume is 18 liters, and it comes in seven different colors. It has a laptop sleeve that fits up to 15″. This bag is perfect to be used for school, work, or whatever adventures life takes you on! It can be used by a male or female. This bag retails for $114.95.

We love to see how you are #takinglifeoutside with your Fjällräven bags. This wonderful brand makes different styles, sizes, and colors to be used for any adventure that life throws at you. Be sure to tag us in all of your Fjällräven bag pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to help us celebrate Fjällräven at Eagle Eye!

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