Football is Back!

It’s the best time of year. College football is back. All summer we waited for the first kickoff. Now we’re a few weeks in and we haven’t been disappointed. College football in the south is life.

Part of that means our Saturdays will revolve around our team. 2:30 kickoff? Better get the yard cut in the morning. It also means we wear the right colors on Saturday. Even if you’re not going to watch the game (because you’re playing some high school team) you have to wear the crimson and white or the navy and blue. Eagle Eye is here to help you outfit for Saturday game day.

As always, we’re proud to offer some long-time brands for you to meet your College Saturday needs. Brands like Tuskwear and Tigerwear are staples at Eagle Eye now.

And don’t forget about Pressbox. They’re t-shirt line for ladies this year is really good.

We always have plenty to offer in Columbia Sporstwear as well, fromĀ pullovers to fishing shirts to kids clothes.


We’reĀ also excited to announce a new brand this year.

Vive le Fete is a Smock Children’s Wear brand that offers an excellent selection in collegiate clothing. At Eagle Eye we’re carrying some great looking shirts in Alabama and Auburn. They also make some great game-day jerseys so your kiddo can match you during the game.

Make your way to Eagle Eye before the next game so you can outfit your whole family.