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Forever Wild Trails New Advanced Loops

The Forever Wild Trails at Beaver Creek in Dothan, AL just keep on expanding. In January 2020, the trails started construction adding an additional 4 miles of biking trails to include two new advanced loops as well as expanding current trail loops.

Trail History

Created together with the Forever Wild Land Trust, Dothan Leisure Services, and the Southeast Alabama Mountainbikers, this 10 plus mile of naturally wooded trails is a sanctuary for mountain bikers and hikers alike. Located in Southeast Alabama inside Dothan city limits, it is nestled across 400 natural acres with 1 to 2-mile loops all connected together for one larger trail. With options for beginner, intermediate, and expert, it gives every level the ability to enjoy the trails.

Newest Trail Expansion

The latest expansion added two new advanced loops to the Forever Wild Trails. The Dragon’s Tail Advanced Loop and the Big Levee Advance Loop. In addition, they extended the S.A.M.’s Creakside Trail, the Big Levee trail and the Zion Cemetary Ridge Trail.

Forever Wild Trails at Beaver Creek Trail Map
Forever Wild Trails at Beaver Creek Trail Map

Mountain bike enthusiast and world traveler, BKXC, recently reviewed and rode the Forever Wild Trails newest additions as part of his The 50 State Shred | Mountain Biking Every State in America. Check out first hand the Forever Wild Trails new advanced loops before they were recently opened to the public.

BKXC test rides the Forever Wild Trails new advanced loop additions.

To check out the trails yourself the Forever Wild Trails at Beaver Creek are open daily from 6:30 am to dusk and can access from three separate trail heads. The addresses are: 

384 Narcisse Dr.
3636 Fortner St.
4276 Fortner St.

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