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Future Masters Tournament 2018

The 69th annual Press Thornton Future Masters Tournament is happening from Saturday, June 23 to Saturday, June 30! This exciting event is one of the most traditionally rich junior tournaments in the world. It will be held at the Dothan Country Club. The Future Masters has become a proving ground for some of golf’s brightest junior stars. Though it may be a lot about golf, that is not the only thing it is all about. During this week, many friendships are made, and sportsmanship, competition, and the love for the game of golf are in full swing. We, here at Eagle Eye, are big supporters of this event! There’s no better way to take life outside than with a game of golf.

The Future Masters was an idea that the late Press Thornton came up with in 1950. He desired to help young junior stars excel in their golf game, while also revealing their amazing potential. It was about more than just golf to Thornton though, and that is very evident in what the tournament stands for today. He believed strongly in friendship, sportsmanship, and the spirit of competition. He also had an undeniable love for the game of golf. Many people had a hand in organizing this huge event. These many people came together and got this event up and running. Now, it has been going on for 69 years! Wow! There are typically 125 volunteers that help out with this event. Most of those are people that have performed these duties for decades. There are also countless golfing greats who have competed in this tournament over the years. A few of those famous names include: U.S. Open Champions, Hubert Green and Jerry Pate, Masters Winner Larry Mize, and PGA Champions Bob Tway, Mark Brooks, and Shawn Micheel. This tournament is a big deal, and it is so cool to see those who have competed in it go on to win big tournaments.

We have lots of apparel that would work wonderfully on the golf course. Come by and see us before you head out to the tournament! Here a few Southern Marsh performance polos that would be perfect for a day spent golfing:

The Men’s Bermuda Johnson Polo is designed to keep you cool and dry for all of your outdoor activities. This polo is very comfortable. It has an underlying striped pattern that creates some nice detail. It is available in several different colors, online or in store.

The Men’s Bermuda Tucker Golf Polo is also formulated to breathe and wick moisture away, keeping you cool and dry throughout the day. This polo is absolutely perfect to wear for a game of golf. It comes in several different colors. Shop this polo in store or online.

We will be providing the participants with golf themed koozies and Eagle Eye themed golf tees! We would love for all the Future Masters participants and their families to stop by and see us when you’re in town! Be sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in all your fun golfing adventures, and hashtag #takinglifeoutside.

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