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How to tell if a Bogg Bag is Fake

That typically means FAKES will pop up everywhere when you’ve got a good thing going.

How do you know if you purchased or found a FAKE Bogg Bag? Especially if they look good? We want to help you understand what to look for so you are not SCAMMED out of your hard-earned money over FAKE Bogg Bags. Simply follow these tips on how to tell if a Bogg Bag is FAKE.

Red Flags!

🚩🚩🚩🚩 Look for These Red Flags Before Buying 🚩🚩🚩🚩

  1. Unbranded Bags (Void of Bogg Bag wording and logos)
  2. Design Flaws
  3. Priced Extremely Below Retail
  4. Colors not made by Bogg Bag
  5. Non-Certified or Un-Authorized Retailers

Unbranded Bags

If the description or name of the item says “Bogg Like,” that means it’s likely not an authentic Bogg Bag. You’ve found a fake.

Design Flaws

The bottom right-hand corner of the bag will say “bogg®” in all lower case. Several FAKES have been popping up that just says “bagg,” and that’s a sure way to tell. We’ve all seen some bags with no words in the bottom right-hand corner – also fakes.

Bogg Bags also always come with their handles on. We suggest never trying to take off your handles, or you could damage the bag. The handles also come with a lowercase “b” on the button.

Super Low Pricing

If the price is too good to be true (aka 50-75% off), then it’s likely a scam. Bogg Bag’s latest MAP policy with MSRP Online pricing is to go into effect on May 1, 2022:

  • Bitty Boggs – $54.99
  • Baby Bogg Bag – $69.95
  • Printed Baby Bogg Bag – $79.95
  • Original Bogg Bag – $89.95
  • Printed Original Bogg Bag – $99.95
  • Bogg Bits – $11.95
  • Insert Bags – $12.95
  • Bogg Hats – $24.95
  • Bogg Boozies – $14.95 (Slim and Regular)
  • BYO Bogg – $29.95
  • Bogg Brrs – $24.95 – $34.95 (depending on size/pattern)
  • Bogg Brr Block – $9.95
  • Beauty and the Bogg – $29.95 (printed and solid)
  • Canvas Boggs – $134.95 (Backpack, Boatbag, & Weekender)
  • Printed Canvas Boggs – $64.95
  • Bogg Weekender – $134.95

Shipping is typically set individually by retailers. Bogg Bag has been known to adjust its MSRP over time, so please refer to their website for current MSRP prices.

Fake Websites

There are a lot of fake sites out there pretending to look like and be like Bogg Bag. They are slightly misspelled and look like the original site to trick you. There is only one authentic Bogg Bag site:

Our best advice is to purchase products from Bogg Bags Store Locator Official Retailers. Look for the suspected retailer’s address/zip code listed on their website contact page or footer. Then use that zipcode to search for the business name. If it’s listed, you have found a legitimate retailer!

Eagle Eye is proud to be one of Bogg Bag’s Largest Retailers in in-stock, ready-to-ship inventory.

What to do if you find a scammer:

Report Scams directly to the Bogg Bag Official Instagram Page! If you come across any other websites that are not listed in their stories, please message them so they can try and take them down as well.

Visit them here: @BoggBags

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