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How to dress warm in cold weather when you live in the South

Well, it’s that one time of the year where we in the south get to experience an actual winter. Thanks to Grayson, the historic bomb cyclone/winter storm, a huge part of the East Coast and surrounding areas will be subject to snow, ice, and even conditions favorable for blizzards. Some of us will not experience blizzards or snow, but more than likely we will all experience extremely cold temperatures. Picture this: We, here in the south, head out to do the daily tasks of life with just a long sleeve top on, or even just a light cardigan. That is normal wear for us during this cold season, right? However; we quickly realize that we are going to need something more. As soon as you make it out of the door, the wind greets you with a big ole slap of cold, freezing air right to your face. The frigid air then precedes to make it hard to breathe and swallow, because our bodies are simply not acclimated to this kind of chilly weather. With temperatures dipping into the low thirties, we need to equip ourselves with the right gear to get us through. Birkenstock’s and socks are not going to cut it! Let’s take a look at how we should dress for “winter” here in the south.

A Warm Jacket

A cardigan or just a long sleeve shirt are not going to provide the kind of warmth you’ll need for a really cold day! One of the biggest, key essentials for a chilly day is a nice, cozy jacket. We carry lots of different jackets, so there are many options that could work for cold weather. The North Face, Patagonia, and Columbia all make jackets that are sure to keep you cozy on chilly days. The first jacket shown is the Women’s Thermoball Triclimate Jacket by The North Face. This jacket is insulated, waterproof, and breathable. The Thermoball part of the jacket is actually separate from the outer jacket, but can be zipped into the outer jacket for those EXTRA cold days. The next jacket featured is the Men’s Nano Puff Jacket. This lightweight, water repellent jacket is also insulated and it maintains 98% of warmth, even if it’s wet. The Nano Puff Jacket is very similar to the Thermoball Jacket that The North Face makes. Both of these jackets are sure to deliver not only comfort, but also a lot of warmth. Another jacket for men would be the Men’s Mountain Side Full Zip Fleece by Columbia. This jacket displays a rugged, retro look while also providing lots of heat due it’s fleecy material. The fourth jacket shown is the Women’s Mossbud Swirl Jacket by The North Face. The cool thing about this jacket is that it is reversible. The interior of the jacket is a fur-like material, while the outside is of made of insulated taffeta. The last jackets shown are the Men’s Steens Mountains Jacket and the Women’s Benton Springs Jacket by Columbia. These jackets are very basic and simple, yet they deliver quite a bit of warmth too.


A Warm Pair of Shoes and Socks

They always say that if your feet are cold, then the whole rest of your body will be. In other words, it is very important to keep your feet warm on cold days to ensure that the rest of your body will be warm. That means that your feet will NOT be warm in Chacos and socks. Hello, it’s not summer right now! Let’s talk about socks first. Smartwool has lots of different styles of socks. The ones featured are called the Women’s Margarita Crew Socks and the Men’s Barnsley Crew Socks. These are basic socks that contain 73% of breathable merino wool. They are not only good for cool temperatures, but also for everyday wear. As far as shoes go – we have a lot to choose from. A favorite, year after year, continues to be Sperry boots. The first boot featured is the Men’s Decoy boot. This men’s boot is durable, waterproof on the bottom/water resistant on the leather, and super light. Pair it with some Smartwool socks and you will be set to go on these cooler days. The second boot shown is the Women’s Saltwater Shiny Quilted. This boots is super cute, and paired with Smartwool socks, it is sure to keep your feet super warm. Now, these two options would be great for a cold day, but if you plan on going out in the snow or ice, we suggest that you try an insulated boot by Sorel or The North Face.



If you are heading out on a snow adventure to the mountains of Colorado or if you are just going to be outside in the chilly temperatures for a while, we would suggest you equip yourself with some kind of baselayer. Baselayer is designed to be worn under the outfit you already have on. Most baselayer is made breathable and lightweight so you do not have to worry about getting too hot while wearing it. The North Face, Patagonia, and Columbia all make a form of baselayer that is sure to keep you extra warm while you are exploring the outdoors.


Warm Winter Accessories

To top off a warm, winter outfit, you need some fun accessories. A beanie like this one shown by The North Face is not only cute, but it is also perfect for keeping your ears and the rest of your head warm. The next accessory you will need to brave the cold weather is a pair of gloves! The North Face makes a pair of insulated gloves that are sure to keep your fingers warm. These gloves also have a technology called Etip that functionally works with touchscreen devices. Considering that most everyone has touch screen phones, or tablets, we could count this feature as a huge plus. The last accessory would be a cute scarf. A scarf not only spices up your outfit, but it also keeps your neck warm and cozy.


It’s hard for us here in the south to fathom what actual “winter” is, considering we don’t get cold weather very often. Hopefully these ideas give you a good place to start on how to dress when it’s below 30 degrees outside in the south!

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