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Men’s Guide to Wearing a T-Shirt

Man in white crew short sleeve t-shirt sitting on steps.

T-shirts are some of the most common pieces of clothing worn today. Men wear these to casual events and in warm weather. In fact, it’s likely every man has at least one or two T-shirts in their dressers or closets. Any man who is confused about the different styles available as well as when it’s appropriate to wear one must read this men’s guide to wearing a T-shirt. You’ll learn how to select the right shirt and wear it with confidence.

Choose the Best Fabric

There are many fabrics used to make T-shirts, but two of the most common are cotton and polyester. Cotton is a strong fabric that makes the shirt soft to the touch and which resists pilling, stretching, and clinging. Pure cotton or cotton blends make ideal T-shirts since they provide stretch fibers to maintain the shape with easy maintenance. Similarly, polyester is a lightweight, quick-drying material that is also wrinkle resistant. Polyester is a common fabric in cotton blends that makes lightweight shirts for everyday use.

Style Matters

Once you’ve picked the right fabric, make sure you choose the right style and color to flatter your proportions. There many different styles to choose from, such as crew neck, V-neck, raglan-sleeved, tucked in, or layered under another garment. Crewnecks give the illusion of broad shoulders and wider body proportion. V-necks give the illusion of length and height because they elongate the neck. Either style is fashionable; it all depends on one’s body type and personal preference. Also, remember T-shirts are not typically meant to be tucked in unless part of a uniform. Still, a tucked-in T-shirt with tailored shorts provides a polished outdoorsy look. On that note, T-shirts come in many colors, but white, black, gray, and navy build a solid foundation for any wardrobe. These neutral colors complement a wide variety of skin tones, body types, and outfits.

Pay Attention to Fit

Man wearing sunbaked red short sleeve half dome t-shirt.
The North Face Half Dome Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Surprisingly, not every T-shirt is the same. Just as T-shirts have different styles, they can also fit individuals differently. Consider how it fits your shoulders and upper arms, and also take into account the sleeves, the shirt’s length, how it conforms to your stomach, and how it shows off your neck. Shoulder seams should sit naturally on the shoulders, and the sleeves should fit comfortably around your arms. The upper portion of the T-shirt should conform more to your body, and the bottom should fit more loosely near your stomach.

When to Wear

The other thing to keep in mind is when to wear the shirt. A T-shirt is an obviously inappropriate choice for a wedding or funeral, but there are times when a T-shirt, especially a graphic T-shirt, is not only appropriate but also fashionable! Casual occasions like sporting events, concerts, bars, restaurants, beaches, or hanging out with friends are all great times to wear a T-shirt. Go with your gut when you pick a time and place to wear it but remember that you can always wear a white or other solid-colored T-shirt under another shirt if dressing for a fancier occasion.

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