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National Peanut Festival Ticket FAQs

September has arrived which means that preparation has begun for the National Peanut Festival. The Peanut Festival is a Wiregrass staple that many look forward to year after year. We are proud to once again be the NPF’s ticket sponsor. You can buy your advance tickets to the Fair now at Eagle Eye! Below we have answered our most asked National Peanut Festival Ticket FAQs.

Is Eagle Eye an Official Ticket Sponsor for the NPF?

Yes! We are an official ticket sponsor again this year! Look for our discount on the back of your gate ticket.

Is Eagle Eye an Official Ticket Vendor for the NPF?

Yes! We will be selling advance tickets from 9/1 – 9/11.

Can I purchase NPF tickets online?

Only through the NPF website. There is, however, a $3 convenience fee when ordering through their website.

Therefore, you can save even more by coming to Eagle Eye!

What is a MEGA Pass?

A MEGA Pass includes one-day gate admission ($8 value) and one ride armband ticket. MEGA Passes can be used for any one day of the Fair. 

Can I buy MEGA Passes once the Fair starts?

No. You can only buy them in advance. Ride Armbands will range from $20-40 (depending on the day) once the Fair begins. 

What is a Gate Ticket?

Gate Tickets include one day access to the Fair including Kiddieland, Midway, Vendors and Concerts.

Will Eagle Eye sell tickets once the Fair starts?

No. We are only authorized to sell tickets in advance. Ticket sales end the Thursday prior to the start of the Fair. 

What is the difference between Flash Sale MEGA Passes and Advance Tickets?

From 9/1 – 9/11, you can purchase MEGA passes at their lowest price possible ($25). In other words, you could save up to $20 during the flash sale!

Ride armbands will range from $20-40 and gate tickets will be $8 during the week of the Fair.

What are NPF Advance Tickets?

We are selling Advance Tickets for the NPF from 9/13 – 11/4.

  • 1-Day Gate Admission = $6
  • 1-Day MEGA Pass = $28 (includes gate ticket)

What will the gate and armband prices be once the Fair begins?

See our handy dandy schedule below for a more information. 

Did you know…

$1 from every MEGA pass sold at Eagle Eye will go directly to Wired Ministries.

What will happen if the NPF is canceled due to Covid-19?

If the NPF decides to personally cancel/postpone the Fair in 2021 due to Covid-19, then they will process refunds to those who have purchased.

Ticket sales are available in-store only.

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