preview-full-USA1_2048x2048What is Grand Trunk?

Grand Trunk was founded by Jon Neff & Kevin Kaiser when their individual routes crossed paths in a small surf town in Thailand. They named their brand, Grand Trunk, for the road in which they met, Grand Trunk. A shared passion for travel and the simple idea to keep people off the ground has since evolved in a renowned product line of adventure travel, camping, beach and travel accessories.

Why Grand Trunk?

One of the key factors with Grand Trunk is that they have a wide price range of products, from a $20 starter hammock that is great for Boy Scouts up to a $120 hammock which is made in the USA. They set themselves apart from other hammock companies by including basic rope hanging kits with most of their hammocks. From our research the only products that don’t carry rope handing kits are their special edition products: $20 starter hammock, the Kryptek camo hammocks, and the made in the USA hammocks.

image003 Tie-Dye: $99.95, each uniquely dyed so that no two are exactly alike. This is a double sized, and includes a basic rope hanging kit with purchase.

image004 Yamabushi Print: $74.95. Double sized that includes a basic rope hanging kit.

image005 Skeeter Beeter Pro: $84.95, system with mosquito net attached to the hammock. Includes basic rope hanging kit.

image006Parasheet: $39.95, great beach blanket with pockets on the corners to weigh it down with sand. Made with the same material as their hammocks.

Stocked colors on these will vary in-store due to the fact that Grand Trunk likes to keep it adventures and allows us to order an assorted set of items. So don’t wait to get yours because the color you want may be taken along someone else adventure.



Let’s celebrate an excuse to spend the day in a hammock!
Let’s celebrate an excuse to spend the day in a hammock!


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