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New Brands for Fall 2021

Is it Christmas in July?! Our buyers are back from market and there’s so much to unpack. One word describes our new brands for Fall 2021. Fantastic.We are ecstatic to be welcoming some great new brands. Below you will find a sneak peek of all the new that is coming soon online and in-store at Eagle Eye!

Aftershockz - headphones


Aftershockz are advanced wireless headphones. These headphones are lightweight and comfortable, most importantly they are unlike any earbuds you’ve had before. Their bone conduction technology leaves your ears open to surrounding sounds while still listening to your favorite tunes.


Altra is an American manufacturing company for athletic shoes in road running trail running, and general footwear. Altra sets itself apart with little or no drop on its shoes. This means your foot sits flat rather than sloping downward from hell-to-toe, lending a hand to your natural stride and encouraging a lower impact landing.

Arcade Belt

Arcade Belt

Arcade Belts live by their motto, “Strap in. Venture out.” The Arcade Belt was created for function. These belts are built to last and provide flexibility. Arcade belts are custom made for all occasions and are going to rock the Eagle Eye world.

Belroy Wallets


We have all had a wallet that just fell apart after a couple years of good use. Belroy Wallets are made to age beautifully and last for years to come. This wallet collection fit in your hand comfortably and bring a level of sophistication that you did not know you needed.

Blundstone boots for Men


Blundstone boots have lasted the test of time through being around for 150 years. The boots are comfy, durable, and good looking. We cannot wait to see you trekking around town in them.

Capri Blu Candles

Capri Blu

Candles. Candles. Candles. Capri Blu is what we have been waiting for!! This candle brand is all the rage right now and will make your room smell wonderful. You don’t have to trust us, come by and take a whiff yourself!

Collins Painting and Design coffee cup

Collins Painting and Design

We all know that if you can find a cup that describes you then you should probably get it. Collins Painting and Design creates mugs for anyone and everyone you may be shopping for. Put a smile on your loved ones’ face or just because to encourage a friend.


Looking for sophisticated and easy to wear styles for casual and special occasions? Look no further! DO + BE collection offers trendy, casual, and modern clothing that distinguishes itself from other fashion brands. 


We have so many cute custom tee’s coming your way! From Smiley’s to Fall Favorites and Holiday Joy to Quotes – you are going to love what we have in store for you!

Dr. Squatch Men's Products

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch is eager for you to “Feel like a man, smell like a champion”. If you didn’t feel empowered to buy this men’s product before then now you do. Dr. Squatch provides bar soaps, hair care, deodorant, and toothpaste. This brand is here to make all the mundane tasks in life feel manly and smell successful.

Exoficio Underwear for Men

Men’s Exoficio

Exficio underwear is soon going to be your new favorite underwear brand. Exficio designs their underwear to breathe well and dry quickly. Get your first pair and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Ivory Ella Violet tee

Ivory Ella

This brand is more than t-shirts. They are passionate about saving elephants and donate 10% of all profits to organizations like Save the Elephants. It’s a win-win. Buy a cute tee and help keep these beautiful animals from the dangers of ivory trade. These small steps help those big footprints.

Jack Black Men's Products

Jack Black Men’s Products

Guys, be prepared to purchase one of kind men’s products in the store this Fall. Jack Black Men’s Products are here to make shaving easier, beards softer, and lives better. Jack Black is passionate about helping you “take care of the skin you’re in”.

Muck Boots Company

Like Eagle Eye, Muck Boots was also founded in 1999. They are the official and the original 100% muck-proof boot. Their boots are comfortable, high-quality, and waterproof. Muck Boots are great for rainy days, fishermen, hunters, gardeners and anyone in between. We can’t wait to take life outside with Muck Boots.

Mustard Seed

Made popular by it’s smocked ruffle skirt, Mustard seed is a fashion brand with a mission to design and produce a combination of eye catching and trendy fashion for young women across the United States. Their women’s clothing line is affordable and easy to wear. You’ll definitely want one in every color.

Kids’ Pink Armadillo

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute… I thought you already carried PA!”

Well, you are correct? This Fall we have extended the line to include kids! We will now have toddler and youth sizing in their bright, unique, and happy tees. Also, be on the lookout for their holiday collection – we are sure you will love it.

Poppy Popcorn

Poppy Popcorn

“What’s poppin’?”

Poppy Popcorn originates in Asheville, North Carolina. You will soon find yourself knee deep in flavors such as white cheddar, pimento cheese, salted caramel, jalapeno cheddar, cinnamon bourbon pecan, everything bagel, dynamite coffee toffee, and so many more.

Prince Peter

We will be carrying a small collection of girls graphic tees and sweatshirts by Prince Peter collection. Raised on rock n’ roll, Prince Peter is a modern clothing line inspired by music icons of generations past like David Bowie and Syd Barrett. Prince Peter remains the authority on “cool,” whether their pieces are dressed up or down, layered, or worn through multiple seasons. Their entire collection is hand-made in the U.S.

PurseN Makeup Bag


Cute Totes + Organization = PurseN. Nothing makes us happier than providing not only the cutest purses and makeup bags but also the most useful purses and makeup bags. PurseN takes it a step further and adds led lights inside several of their bags to give you clarity to find exactly what you are looking for. This brand is made to help you stay organized and fashionable.

Rocky Boots

since 1932. The Brooks Brothers started their factory in Southeastern Ohio during the Great Depression. Almost 90 years later, Rocky is a world leader in premium quality outdoor, work, western, public service and military footwear.


The first brand to wow you is Rumpl. Rumpl makes durable, weatherproof, and cozy blankets. Rumpl gives us a traveling feel without even going anywhere. They provide a variety of blankets, towels, and koozies that will be fitting for any adventure. #takinglifeoutside

Sadie & Sage

Three words that best describe Sadie & Sage: effortless, fun loving, and approachable. Their cozy knits, flirty prints, and trendy jackets are the perfect match for women who embrace their individuality. Their on-trend styles will be one to look out for this Fall.

Sand Cloud towels

Sand Cloud

These towels are ready to make every trip to the mountains, beach, lake, or even a picnic in your back yard exciting. Sand Cloud has created a towel that rediscovers our adventuresome aesthetic. Now, when you plan a trip, the first item you will think of to pack will be you Sand Cloud towel.

San Diego Hat Company

Say it with me, “Hat life is the best life”. Owning the hat of your dreams is a calling we take very seriously. San Diego Hat Company is purposeful in aiming to provide you with your new favorite hat, and then keep you coming back for more. This hat brand keeps you cool, has a breathable band, and protects you from the sun. Stylish and Functional? Yes, please!

South Boutique Smiley Face Hats

South Boutique Smiley Face Hats

Smiley Face hats are trending. Ask us how excited we are that they will be here this fall. South Boutique is based out of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. These hats will come in a variety of styles and colors. Get ready to have one ready for all your cute photos with friends. They will even make your errand runs all the more stylish.

Sub_Urban Riot

This fall we will be carrying a small selection of graphic tees by Sub_Urban Riot for Kids! From the play ground to the class room – Sub_Urban Riot makes shirts with a splash of positivity and inspiration. Get into GOOD trouble with Sub_Urban Riot.

Swan Creek Candles

Swan Creek Candle Company

Did someone say 100% American Soybean Wax Candles? Swan Creek is proud to provide clean burning, lead-free, and intensely fragrant candles. No more wondering why you can’t smell the candle you bought all throughout the house. These candles were meant to burn for a long extended amount of time and cause your home to have a unique fragrance.


TCEC designs a high-quality brand of women’s clothing. We like to think of their designs as sophisticated and on-trend. They are the front runners of this daily changing industry called fast fashion.

Be inspired by fashion again with our intricately designed ready-to-wear line that is both glamorous and functional.

Alabama Tervis Cups


Tervis is a brand we all know and love. You can expect to see these cups themed with our favorite college teams, Star Wars (Fingers crossed for Baby Yoda), Simply Southern, and Ivory Ella. Because Tervis is ever growing and evolving, you should expect to see several new styles along with their classic style.

Theragun - massager


We know what you’re thinking… what is a Theragun?We turned to the Theragun experts to say it best, “it reaches 60% deeper into the muscle than the average massager, touching the body and then coming off of it 40 times per second; a powerful treatment you won’t find with high-speed, low-amplitude devices that rapidly vibrate and overstimulate the skin.”

Thymes Fragrances


Thymes is made to fill your life with wonderful fragrances for your bath, body, and home. It is going to be the stocking stuffer of the season. For those of us who are obsessed with a clean aesthetic, Thymes is for you. It not only provides calming smells but you will also want to set it out for all to see.



Do you ever ask yourself the question, “There’s gotta be a better way to do this?” We know we do. Here’s to hoping you never ask yourself that question again once you use Tooletries to organize your scattered shower items. Tooletries was created to “help men get their grooming together.” You can feel ready to face the day with efficiency once you adopt the Tooletries way of life.

Totally Bamboo Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo

Totally Bamboo gives you a bamboo cutting board in the “unmistakable shape of your state”. They pride themselves in including the top towns and places in each state on their boards. Can you think of a more thoughtful gift to give?? Not only will make any get together special, but can also be used as wall decoration.

Our New Brands for Fall 2021 are ever growing! Continue to check back for updates and more new brands as we head into Fall!

Eagle Eye Outfitters is a family run small business that offers radical customer service for shoppers for all of their outdoor and fashion apparel, accessories, and footwear needs. In other words, with hundreds of brands to choose from, EEO has it all! Shop now or visit us in-store in Dothan, Alabama.

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