New Hydro Dipped YETI

I am sure you are well aware of hydro dipping by now. Hydro dipped, or dipped for short, is known as water transfer printing. It is a method of applying printed graphics to three dimensional objects by placing a film or paint on the surface of water then submerging the object of your choice through the paint into the water. So literally, we are dippin’ it in some cool paint.

There are about 20,000 mesmerizing videos on YouTube that one can get caught up watching for hours.  That may have or may not have happened while writing this blog, so I don’t recommend it!  Dipped rims, dipped grills, dipped guns, dipped antlers, dipped phone cases… the list goes on. Trust us – it’s cool. Ok, ok…go watch at least one video!

….Cool, Right?

We think so! So why not take this amazing technology and apply it on your favorite beverage holder – the YETI Rambler. Everyone has the traditional stainless so now it’s time to show your team spirit or flaunt your favorite color. Make it about you!  Maybe you like your YETI Ramblers to match your outfit – we can even help with that.

Our professional, high quality Hydro Dipped YETI Ramblers come in two sizes, 20 oz and 30 oz. Currently our colors are:

Aqua Paisley, Pink Paisley, Paisley, Blonde Wood, Blur Wood, Rose Wood, Carbon Fiber, Diamond Plate, Hot Pink Camo, Orange Camo, Tan Camo, Houndstooth (for all those Bama fans), USA Flag, Mint & White


* Due to water printing customization these YETIs are not covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty.
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