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Outreach Weeks: Aunt Katie’s Community Garden

“Aunt Katie’s Community Garden is a revolution for kids and adults to learn, grow, and enjoy nutritious food while bringing neighbors close together.”

Our Outreach Weeks are in full swing, and it has been so much fun to take a look at several non-profit organizations throughout the Wiregrass Area. Today we will be shining a spotlight on one of the cutest spots in Dothan – Aunt Katie’s Community Garden. You will fall in love with this little garden when you see what it is all about.

About Aunt Katie’s Garden

Aunt Katie’s Community Garden was founded on April 1, 2010 with the mission “to teach, entertain, and inspire our youth to live, grow, and be well”. Aunt Katie’s Garden is here with a few great purposes:

  • To provide fresh fruits and vegetables to those on limited budgets and those without gardening space.
  • To donate produce to the hungry.
  • To educate the community on a variety of subjects focusing on growing and self-sufficiency.
  • To promote nutrition and exercise.
  • To transform vacant property into a vibrant asset and a viable economic development project for this community.
  • To instill appreciation and respect for nature.

Aunt Katie’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Michael Jackson, recently did an interview with Dothan Magazine about the garden. Here are a few things he had to say about the services that Aunt Katie’s provides: “Aunt Katie’s has created a marketplace for fresh, affordable food that we like to call a ‘Food Life Center’. This healthy food access project brings a triple bottom line benefit to the low income areas we serve. That triple line bottom line benefit includes a revitalized neighborhood economy, job creation, and overall better health. Our programs provide a variety of services and meets several needs including garden-based hands-on learning which includes raised bed rentals and informal science classes.” They also offer food preparation classes, gardening classes, and beekeeping classes!

Aunt Katie’s Garden loves visitors! Quite a few schools throughout our area, including Montana Magnet School (as shown pictured below), have visited Aunt Katie’s Garden! Many other organizations and people have also made visits to Aunt Katie’s Garden recently. This includes Girls Inc., students from Hawk-Houston, and Girl Scout Troops from our area. Wired Ministries has also sent a team to do some construction at Aunt Katie’s over the past several years.

How You Can Get Involved With Aunt Katie’s

Aunt Katie’s is always open for more volunteers! You can find out how to get involved with this organization by checking out their Facebook page, or by calling the Executive Director of this organization, Michael Jackson, at (334) 648 – 4496. Volunteers are needed at various times throughout the month to help with landscaping, pulling weeds, harvesting, and maintaining the gardens. Volunteers are also needed to be an extra set of hands in order to help with children when large groups come to visit the garden! Aunt Katie’s is always open to donations of bottled water. That is a huge need at any time.

You can even rent a plot for your family for $35.00 per year and save, on the fresh vegetables you love to eat, like okra, kale, turnips, sweet potatoes, mustards, tomatoes and more. If you decide that you do not want to grow vegetables for yourself, you can buy it from Aunt Katie’s at a very reasonable price.

Stop by Aunt Katie’s to take a tour, taste some of the good stuff that has been prepared, become a client, and volunteer!

It has been so wonderful to watch how much Aunt Katie’s Community Garden has grown over the past several years. We are beyond grateful for them, and their amazing contribution to our community.

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