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Outreach Weeks: Dothan Police Foundation

“Our mission is to make Dothan the safest and most inviting city for all its residents, workers and visitors.”

Happy Friday! We are continuing on through our list of several non-profit organizations that we are featuring for our annual Outreach Weeks. It has been exciting to learn about all of the many non-profit organizations in our area. Today, we will be taking a look at the Dothan Police Foundation.

About The Dothan Police Foundation

The Dothan Police Foundation was formed in 2016. It was formed in an effort to help improve our community by leveraging public-private partnerships to accomplish their goals. Their goals are as follows:

  • To promote excellence in police services.
  • To mobilize the community to support the Dothan Police Department.
  • To provide programs to make the most impact to crime prevention, emergency services preparedness and economic development.

This foundation has four main initiatives:

  • The Community First Initiative: Programs involving the Community First Initiative include the Junior Police Academy, Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Training, Kid Escape, and many more.
  • Police Training & Education: Involves a program called the Southeast Alabama Regional Police Alliance (SARPA) which offers educational and training opportunities for not only Dothan PD, but neighboring law enforcement agencies as well!
  • Pro-Life Animal Services: We seek to provide homes for pets from the Dothan Animal Shelter by creating a means to facilitate transports to places where the animals can be adopted rather than euthanized. The Dothan Animal Shelter is managed by the Dothan Police Department. The shelter’s euthanasia rate is among the lowest of any government-operated shelter facility. It is the goal of the Foundation to drive that rate even lower by offering available funding for adoptions, transports and other pro-life initiatives to help save our little friends.
  • New Animal Shelter: The Dothan Police Foundation is leading the efforts in a public/private partnership to raise money for a new animal shelter in Dothan/Houston County, Alabama. Donations may be made to the Foundation and earmarked for our “New Animal Shelter Fund” if you want your donation to go for that specific project.

Run The Circle Event

We are so excited to be a sponsor of the 2018 Run The Circle Event! This is a new race that will be held in Dothan on October 27th. The proceeds from the race will go to benefit the Dothan Police Foundation. They will use the money to help support DPD training, community outreach initiatives, public training courses like hand guns and self-defense, & hardships that the DPD family may face.

Where is this race taking place? The half marathon will be hosted on the United States’ first “ring road”, a.k.a. Ross Clark Circle! Come “Run America’s First Circle” and earn yourself a Golden Peanut Medal. Why a peanut medal? Because Dothan is the Peanut Capital of the World, and the Runner Peanut is the most popular peanut grown in the Wiregrass area. There is an option to run in the Half Marathon or the 5K. You can check out the race details here.

You can get signed up for this event by registering on the Run The Circle Website, or by coming to EEO on Saturday, October 6, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Run the Circle will have a table set up here for people to sign-up in person for the 5K and Half Marathon. If you would like additional information on this event, visit their website or their Facebook Page.

How You Can Get Involved With The Dothan Police Foundation

The Dothan Police Foundation is very appreciative of any donations! You can donate by visiting their website here. If you have any other questions regarding the Dothan Police Foundation you can visit their website or send them an email by clicking here.

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