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Outreach Weeks: Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center

“What is a Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center? It is a child friendly facility where children come to tell their story of abuse. It is a safe environment where community partners and multidisciplinary team member’s work together to ensure the child victim and supportive family members receive the help they need.”

It is day NINE of our Outreach Weeks, and we are very excited to spotlight the Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center today! This organization is phenomenal – let’s take a look at what they do and how you can get involved.

About The Child Advocacy Center

The CAC opened in a small home in Downtown Dothan in the year 1994. It started out with one full time employee and one part time employee. In the first year of being open, 84 child victims accessed services. Today, and thanks in part to the wonderful Wiregrass Community, the CAC has grown to provide services for over 600 local child abuse victims each year and employs 11 full time staff members. Houston, Henry, Dale, and Geneva Counties are served by the CAC. Although it is a job that is difficult and daunting, the CAC staff considers it a privilege to help the hundreds of victims who walk through their doors each year!

There are three components that make up the services that the CAC provides. These components are listed as follows:

  • Advocacy Component: This component includes three aspects. One aspect is the child-friendly facility, which provides a safe environment for multi-disciplinary team members to interview child victims with allegations of sexual and severe physical abuse. The second aspect is the kid’s court, which serves the purpose to help child victims (and their non-offending family members in coordination with multidisciplinary agencies) prepare for the legal process and to provide support throughout the judicial process. The third aspect to this component is community resources. This is where individuals may obtain materialsĀ on child abuse, parenting, and related topics through our Resource Library.
  • Clinical Component: This component consists of therapy, crisis intervention, and forensic interviews.
  • Education Component: This last component deals with parenting education, child abuse education, and workshops/seminars. The CAC does a great job at educating individuals with the information they need on these topics.

Eagle Eye employee, Hunter, volunteering at one of the most recent CAC events the 2018 Tee Off For Kids Golf Tournament!

How You Can Get Involved With The CAC

There are multiple ways that you can get plugged in with this wonderful organization. One way is by donating. You can donate money or goods to this organization. Check out how you can donate by browsing through their website here. The CAC is also always looking for volunteers. You can see a list of what volunteers do, and an application to apply here.

The Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center is such a fantastic organization, and we are so thankful for all they do for our community. For more information on this organization, visit their website, or Facebook Page.

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