Simply Southern Chic

chic/SHēk/adjective -elegantly and stylishly fashionable. our new definition of all things Simply Southern Simply Southern is stepping up and stepping out. We are going to take a look into the Simply Southern collection and specifically look at how Simply Southern T-shirts have become a beloved style in the South. Many would say Simply Southern T-shirts […]

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How to Pack your Tundra Hard Cooler

What did one Yeti say to the other Yeti? “Don’t hate me just because I am a little cooler.” -said every Yeti Tundra Hard Cooler ever Raise your hand if you struggle with ice melting in your Tundra Hard Cooler? Coolers are meant to keep our drinks cold and our food good. If most of […]

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Anniversary Sale 2021

Eagle Eye is celebrating 22 years of business, and we are excited to be able to offer 2o% off* in-store and online through July 11th. Over the past 22 years, Eagle Eye has flourished because of our faithful customers and loyal staff. In our 22 years, we have been able to experience life with our […]


What is Juneteenth?

So, you want to learn about Juneteenth? Juneteenth has gained much attention over the last several days with it recently being designated as a National Holiday. However, all of the talk has also prompted many people to realize they do not know what Juneteenth is. The History of Juneteenth In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln issued […]

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What Makes Bogg Bags Unique?

Many people are curious what all of this Bogg Bag hype is about and what makes Bogg Bags unique? We believe these popular beach totes are unique because of what they are made of and how they are made. What are Bogg Bags Made Of? Bogg Bags are made completely of EVA material. What is […]

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2021 Future Masters Golf Tournament

The Press Thornton Future Masters Golf Tournament takes place at the Dothan Country Club every year. This year, the tournament will be June 19-26th. Selection for The Future Masters is based off of tournament experience and is highly competitive with over 800+ applicants. Participants look forward to the tournament where they can exemplify their skill, […]

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Top 10 Fishing Apparel Must-Haves

Before we leave a sign on our desk that says “gone fishing”, we thought we should tell you all about our top 10 fishing apparel must-haves. “If I could make a nickel off a turning ’em bassNever worry about the price of gasI’d be wheelin’ and dealin’ and sittin’ there reelin’ ’em in.” -Luke Bryan […]


Birkenstock FAQ: All You Need to Know

Birkenstocks have been around for a while. By that, we mean they have been in existence since 1774! You probably have a lot of questions about these shoes that seem to stick around no matter what generation you are a part of. We have assembled some of our most frequently asked questions, so you will […]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

“I’ll call you later. Don’t call me later, call me Dad!” -said every Dad ever. Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads who endlessly tell Dad jokes (and shop at Eagle Eye Outfitters of course). Father’s Day is coming up and we have the perfect gift guide to help you find the best gift for […]


Memorial Day Sale 2021

Right now, you are probably sitting at work or home thinking, “I cannot wait to get to Eagle Eye for the Memorial Day Sale.” Trust us, we cannot wait for you take advantage of this awesome sale! Select brands will be 20-50% off. This sale will last May 24th-31st. See below for more details: Brands […]