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Rainy Day Adventure Guide

The month of July is known for its hot temperature and showers, so we’ve compiled a rainy day adventure guide that includes a list of 5 adventure ideas you can still enjoy (or perhaps enjoy more!) on a rainy day. Looking for rainy day adventure supplies? Shop online or come into our Dothan, AL retail store location.

Go on a Rain Hike

If you’re an outdoor lover, this is a great way to shake up your normal time with nature! Hiking in the rain might sound daunting, but it is an opportunity for you to relax, get in some exercise, and remain cool and comfortable. It might be an unusual activity, but it is also a fun way to enjoy all parts of nature! 

Sing in the Rain

They did not make a song about it for nothing! There is something about singing and dancing in the rain that is freeing. It’s good for the soul, and it gives you the chance to forget about your worries while having fun. 

Jump in Puddles

What a classic. It is not just the little ones that have fun in puddles, adults can too! Throw on some rain boots, grab a raincoat and have a blast outside with friends and family. You could even bring your pet… if you do not mind giving it a bath afterwards. How riveting it is to jump in a puddle knowing that you will not soak your feet!

Watercolor Paint Outside

This is a fun twist to art. Take your watercolor paint and paper outside and start painting with rain in tow! This simple activity creates a unique piece of work that will forever hold a sweet, fun memory.

Search for Rainbows

Waiting for rain to pass can be boring, but boring can be turned into exciting when you look at the positive! When it rains, there’s always a rainbow to follow. Instead of waiting for rain to pass, go on a treasure hunt and find a rainbow! 

One can always get creative when it comes to finding adventure outside. Although rain can be a dreaded experience, it deserves a little more credit at being exciting! Stop by Eagle Eye for your weather-ready gear and embrace the rain with this rainy day adventure guide!

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