Simply Southern Chic


-elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

our new definition of all things Simply Southern

Simply Southern is stepping up and stepping out. We are going to take a look into the Simply Southern collection and specifically look at how Simply Southern T-shirts have become a beloved style in the South. Many would say Simply Southern T-shirts are “Southern Chic”.

Below you can find an assortment of the Simply Southern Tees we carry and when you might wear these chic tees.

Simply Southern Chic Tees:

Women's Simply Southern Soul Short Sleeve T-Shirt

The ocean, a sunset, and tie dye are all we need this summer. Wear this to the beach or on a summery day. A consistent classic.

Women's Simply Southern Teach Love Inspire T-Shirt

This shirt is specific for our teachers. Our teachers have loved us and inspired us. When you think of giving your favorite teacher the perfect gift, think about this sweet t-shirt!

Women's Simply Southern Be Kind Long Sleeve Tee

Where are all of our ladies who wear long sleeves all year long?? (*shouts, “Me!!”*)

Be kind to yourself and buy this t-shirt because you know you were already won over by the daisy on the front.

Women's Simply Southern Clogs T-Shirt

For our gal pals who have a different pair of crocs for every occasion or maybe just one favorite pair… this t-shirt was designed just for you.

Women's Simply Southern Sweet Tea and Nuggets T-Shirt

Raised on Sweet Tea? And Chicken Nuggets??

If you just felt a tug at your heart, you already know this shirt if for you.

Women's Simply Southern Short Sleeve Lake T-Shirt

If you’ve ever been on the lake at sunset and have found yourself wanting to stay forever, then this shirt should probably come with you on your next lake trip.

Women's Simply Southern Save the Turtles Short Sleeve T-Shirt

There is one thing we know for certain: loving the beach and tie dye go hand in hand.

Women's Simply Southern Sandy Paws T-Shirt

Does your dog come with you everywhere you go? Even on Vacation? No explanation needed because you most definitely need this t-shirt.

Women's Simply Southern Short Sleeve Abstract Logo T-Shirt -Surf

This t-shirt is what we define as Simply Southern Chic. It is simply the cutest and your daily wardrobe will be complete with this sea green tee.

These 10 t-shirts show us that we can truly build a wardrobe based off the Simply Southern brand alone.

Shop the link below for all of our Simply Southern tees and more!

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