Summer Clearance Sale

It’s always happens this time of year. Fall product starts showing up and suddenly we’re out of room on the sales floor. You know what means?

It’s sale time!

spring summer sale

Starting now, all spring/summer discontinued product is 25% off. Here’s a few highlights you might be interested in.

Select Chacos – 25% Off

It’s not often you can find Chacos on sale, so you’ll want to take advantage of this one. We’re currently running a special on these 6 styles. 4 of them are ladies’ Chacos and two of them are men’s. Here’s a link to our site if you’d like to see all the styles.

New sale on select Chaco!

Shorts – 25% Off

Welcome to south Alabama, where the shorts go on sale in August but the weather stays warm for another three months. Now’s your chance to get Columbia shorts like the Half-Moon at a discounted rate. Just because summer is on its way out, doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite shorts. Check out all sale shorts, including brands like Patagonia and Southern Tide on our website here.

Half-moons, Brewhas now 25% off.
Columbia shorts now 25%.

Select Piko – 25% Off

Ladies, you’re in luck. Multiple styles and colors from Piko are now on sale. Whether this is your first Piko top or your 5th, how can you pass this up when they’re $17-$23!? Get on this now.

Select Piko now 25% off
Multiple colors available in Piko.

But wait . . .

I know we said this is the 25% off sale, but would it be okay if we ran some stuff at 50% off?

Yeah? That’s what we thought.

Women’s Shorts – 50% Off

Don’t tell the guys this, but we’re going to give you ladies a slightly better deal on shorts. Starting this week, all women’s shorts are now 50% off! That includes brands like Columbia, Southern Tide, and Lauren James.

Lot of shorts now at 50% off.

Swimwear (including kids) – 50% Off

We have now marked down all remaining swimwear  to 50% off. That includes men’s, women’s, and kids’. Moms, this is a great opportunity to buy your kids swimwear for next year. Just buy one size up!

An entire row of Kid’s 50% off swim trunks.

Select Shoes – 50%

We can’t leave out shoes. We now have two full tables dedicated for 50% off sale shoes. These tables include brands like OTBT, Born, and Bussola. Hurry by and take a look before its gone or check out the selection online (link includes 25% and 50% off items).

OTBT, Born, Jack Rodgers, and more.

Do we have your attention yet? Make sure you come by Eagle Eye outfitters or check out our website now while you can. See you soon! Sales runs Aug 3 – 19, 2017

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