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Eagle Eye Outfitters: a Bogg Bag Retailer

Eagle Eye Outfitters is proud to be a Bogg Bag retailer and one of their largest partners globally, with over 20 Bogg Bag colors in stock and more on the way! Don’t believe us? Check for yourself and find us on Bogg Bag’s official “store locator” by searching 36301. We are frequently asked, “Are these ‘REAL’ Bogg […]

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What is a Bogg Bag? Your Questions Answered

We’re answering your most asked, top-searched questions about everything Bogg Bag. What is a Bogg Bag? Bogg Bags began with an idea in 2011 from Kimberlee Vaccarella. She wanted a bag that was large, tip-proof, sturdy, easy to carry and most importantly, washable. Initially, she attempted to bring the idea to a larger brand in […]