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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Cooler weather has hit our area, Jingle Bell Rock is playing on every radio station, and colorful lights can be seen everywhere you look. Hot chocolate and coffee are in high demand, and s’mores are being roasted by the fire. Ah – the Christmas season is upon us! How exciting! We all know that with Christmas quickly approaching, […]


The Top 7 Summer Styles under $40

Summer is right around the corner, and every girl begins to dream about what to wear in order to brave the brutal, summer sun. Especially in the south, because you have to look cute despite the sweat dripping off of your forehead as soon as you walk outside, right? So now begins the process of […]


Easel Clothing: New Brand

Help us in welcoming a new brand to Eagle Eye, Easel Clothing. This Los Angeles based clothing brand offers a collection of tops & dresses that transcend every season. Established in 2004, this high-quality production exceeds expectations with its contemporary style and quality. What You Will Love About Easel: 1. They Dress Every Body Type! […]