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How to Pack your Tundra Hard Cooler

What did one Yeti say to the other Yeti? “Don’t hate me just because I am a little cooler.” -said every Yeti Tundra Hard Cooler ever Raise your hand if you struggle with ice melting in your Tundra Hard Cooler? Coolers are meant to keep our drinks cold and our food good. If most of […]


Ice Pink Roadie 24 Giveaway

{UPDATE 11/1} CONGRATULATIONS to our giveaway winner Hannah B. Knight!!! [UPDATE 10/8] Friends Of Eagle Eye, please stay vigilant on Social Media!! Multiple patrons have notified us that someone has created a Personal FB Profile with our name, logo, and image and is sending out FRIEND requests and messaging the people commenting on our giveaway […]


Yeti 2020 Fall Collection

Inspired by true events, the new Yeti Fall Collection embraces various aspects of nature for those who work closely with it. From the desert to streams, these green hues tell a story of nature’s true grit. In this blog, we will breakdown the two fall colors, Sagebrush Green and Northwoods Green, and discuss their origins. […]


Memorial Day Sale 2017

I know you are excited for your beach trip this upcoming Memorial Day weekend so stop by Eagle Eye Outfitters to make sure you have everything you need. Don’t worry, we made a checklist for you. Beach Weekend Necessities: Yeti coolers //  Don’t let your drinks and snacks get hot this weekend. Stop by Eagle Eye […]