TELETIES the Ultimate Hair Tie!

As TELETIES have grown in popularity, many ask the question, “what makes TELETIES so popular?” Consumers can clearly see how their fun design, colors, and patterns are appealing, but what makes them the best hair tie? The following is our top three reasons why TELETIES are the ultimate hair tie:

  • They Harbor Less Bacteria
    • When tested in an accredited lab, TELETIES were shown to harbor less bacteria than the standard black fabric hair tie. TELETIES are made of a nonporous material to maintain health and safety measures for consumers. Due to the materials used in making TELETIES, they are very easy to wash—just run them through soap and water!
  • They are Water Resistant
    • You will never have to deal with the uncomfortableness of wrangling out a wet hair tie again! TELETIES are perfect for any occasion, even a dip in the pool or snorkeling in the ocean. All that you have to do it wipe your TELETIES and they are instantly dry. No more having to wait hours for your fabric hair tie to dry! 
  • More Comfortable than the Typical Hair Tie
    • With its unique spiral shape, TELETIES create a flexible, yet strong grip for hair. Because of this, it creates less pulling, reducing head and scalp tension. Not only is it more comfortable, but its smooth surface helps reduce hair damage!  Its shape decreases direct contact, guaranteeing a smooth removal with little to no pulling of the hair.

TELETIES are undoubtedly the new fashion statement. They add a fun pop of color to any look while providing comfort and hair protection. They truly are the best hair tie on the market! We have tons of styles and colors at Eagle Eye Outfitters in Dothan, AL. so come check out our TELETIES selection in person or on-line! Discover for your self why TELETIES are the ultimate hair tie.

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