Vote for Alabama Retailer of the Year

The Alabama Retail Association is running a facebook poll that will determine the Customer’s Choice Award winner for Alabama Retailer of the Year.  Thanks for your support in voting for Eagle Eye for in the recent BOW, and we would like to graciously ask for your help again!

Facebook polls may only be voted on once through your logged in Facebook account. So, no hassle of voting daily, each person can only vote for Eagle Eye Outfitters once.

Where do I vote?

Here is the link to the poll:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 6.51.42 AMVoting is open now through July 24, 2016. One vote per person. Feel free to share the poll on your Facebook page with your friends and family.  We would greatly appreciate!

Why is this such a big deal?

What an honor it would be for Eagle Eye Outfitters and the City of Dothan to win this honor!  There are thousands of retailers in the state, and this win would speak highly of the city we all love so much!

What is the Alabama Retail Association?

The Alabama Retail Association was formed in 1943 for retailers by retailers who saw a need for representation when public policy was made. Today, Alabama Retail represents 4,000 members with some 6,000 locations statewide, ranging from small, family-owned retail stores to large national chains.

Want to win $600?

Unrelated to the Retailer of the Year awards, the Alabama Retail Association is launching a campaign encouraging shoppers to buy from retailers with a presence in Alabama. They have built a website, are promoting the use of the hashtag – #ShopAlabama – and are sponsoring a contest that will benefit both shoppers and retailers. To share the contest on your Facebook account, share this link: We hope you will also join us in promoting #ShopAlabama!

#ALRetailDay #ALRetailerOfTheYear

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