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How to Use Your Bogg

Bogg Bags are one of the hottest totes women are looking for today. With their tip-proof, washable, and carry-all design it’s no wonder why everyone is obsessed with them! It’s no wonder why people are choosing their Bogg as their go-to beach bag, but that’s not all it can be used for! Keep reading for all our ideas on how to use your Bogg…

How to Use your Bogg Bag:

School Bog

For the Boss Babe

You’re busy, we get that! Bogg Bags help you keep your life together with all that you have going on. Load up all of the things you need for work, that extra pair of shoes, your mask, and any other extras and you are ready for the workday. Same for school! Pack your notebooks, pens, pencils and laptop for the day ahead. Headed to the gym? Your change of clothes, shoes, water bottle, and yoga mat all fit with ease.

Hiking Bogg

Taking Life Outside

Of course your Bogg Bag is great for the beach, but that is just the start! The lake and river are also great options since you can rinse your Bogg off. Going on a hike? You can pack your Bogg with your snacks, water, a rain jacket, a change of shoes, and of course an Eno for just hanging out. Everyone loves a good tailgate, bring your Bogg along packed with the necessities: food, drinks, your shakers, sunglasses, and whatever else you may need! If you have a pup that loves the outdoors, you can add their favorite toys and water bowl as you head to the park. Don’t forget about your Bogg as you head to your next picnic, they are cuter than your average basket and it’s easier to carry thanks to their straps!

Diaper Bogg

For Moms on the Go

With large and small bags the options are endless for what you can do with them. For example, Boggs are perfect for carrying groceries, it helps you and the environment too! Easter baskets are so last year, get them a Bogg Bag. (Pro Tip: This will also help them keep up with their own stuff so you don’t have to!) Say goodbye to your diaper bag and hello to the Bogg Bag. The tip-proof design will be a game changer. You somehow always wind up with toys in your purse now, put the kids’ entertainment in a Bogg Bag. Same with all the winter accessories, you never know what the weather is going to do this time of year, you can be prepared with layers for the whole family.

How do you use your Bogg Bag?

Bogg Bags are great for the beach but they also have so many more uses:

  1. Bogg Bag For Class/Work (Books, Snacks, Notebook, iPad, water bottle)
  2. Bogg Bag For Picnics (Food, Blanket, Cutlery)
  3. Bogg Bag For Overnight Trips (Outfits, Shoes, Toiletry Bag)
  4. Bogg Bag For Game Day (Snacks, Shakers, Cushions, Sunscreen)
  5. Baby’s Bogg Bag (Diapers, Bottle, Change of Clothes)
  6. Beach Bogg Bag (Towel, Sunglasses, Sunscreen)
  7. Bogg Bag For Kids’ Entertainment (Coloring, Toys, Books)
  8. Bogg Bag For Fur Babies (Dog Bed, Toys, Food)
  9. Gym Bogg Bag (Shoes, Water Bottle, Towel, Workout Clothes)
  10. Bogg Bagg for Winter Sports (Ski Hats, Gloves, Etc)
  11. Bogg Bag for Nurses (Hand Sanitizer, Gloves, Face Masks, ID)
  12. Bogg Bag for Teachers (Binders, Pencils/Pens, Cardigan, Comfy Flats)
  13. Bogg Bag for Easter (Change up your Easter Basket this year with a Bogg Bag)

The possibilities are endless! Share how you use your Bogg Bag on the go by tagging us on instagram.

No Boring Boggs

As you take your Bogg on adventures, you can make it customizable to you! Add some Bogg Bits to your bag for some monogram detail or to support your favorite team. Keep your drinks cold while you are on the boat or at the beach with our Bogg cooler inserts. The Beauty Bogg Bags are perfect makeup bags, plus they stand up on their own! The Bogg insert bags come in so many fun patterns that you can match with your Bogg. These bags help keep all of your loose items like your keys and phone so they don’t fall to the bottom the bag.

Trust us, you need a Bogg in your life!

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