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When will Bogg Bags be in stock?

We currently have a very limited selection of the beloved Bogg Bags, but don’t stress because we have several restock shipments planned through the end of the year! So, when will Bogg Bags be in stock??

If you would like to be notified [FIRST] when our Bogg Bag restock happens, be sure to sign up for email alerts on this page (Pro tip: look for the dark blue bar to sign up).

UPDATE as of 10/21/21

We have been notified by Bogg Bagg Corporate that due to the current worldwide shipping container crisis our original shipments have been delayed and re-arranged. We originally expected a shipment of 6 colors to arrive Late October or Early November. Please see the new updated colors and arrival timelines here.

Upon shipment arrivals to our warehouse, if you are subscribed to our Bogg Email List you will be notified in advance on when the bags will be for sale on our website. This will allow this exclusive group the FIRST chance to order online before we advertise to the masses. Our inventory is first come, first serve and we will not do pre-orders before launch.

Please note, our shipments could change again, but we will continue to keep you informed. Like all companies across the nation, our shipping times are taking longer, so estimates are our best guess. We will continue to do our best to communicate with you any additional updates that might occur.

If you are not already subscribed to our Bogg Email list please enter your contact information on this webpage (look for the dark blue bar). If using gmail, please move our emails to your main inbox so you don’t miss an update!


Eagle Eye Outfitters

Restock Expected in Early to Mid December

Carolina Blue, Fogg, Hunter Green, Black, Navy, Pink, Red, Anchor, and Pineapple.

Restock Expected in Mid to Late December

Turquoise Blush, & Green Camo

Restock Expected in Late December to Early January

Burgundy, Coral, Orange, Yellow, Mint, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Purple, Lilac, White, Peach, Tie-Dye, Palm Print, and Leopard Pink

This shipment is also expected to have 5 brand NEW Bogg Bag colors! Green Apple, Tiffany Blue, Grey Camo, Peacock Blue, and Turquoise Leopard. (Pictures coming soon).

Is your favorite color not listed for this next restock?

Good news… we will restock ALL other colors over the coming months through 2022, but we do not have an estimated arrival times for these yet. So be sure to sign up for those email alerts to stay up to date. Our email subscribers are the FIRST to know when we restock Bogg Bags. So you will get first dibs!!

Please note, our shipments are subject to change. Though we placed an order Bogg Bag can amend the order based off available quantities. Furthermore, shipping times are taking longer, so estimates are a guess at best. We do not know when they will arrive exactly.

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