When Will We Stop Wearing Face Masks?

With Governor Ivey’s latest ordinance for the state of Alabama, the mask mandate that has been in effect since July 2020 will be expiring soon. It looks like face masks will soon be a thing of the past. Or will they? You could always keep them around as keepsakes for your grandchildren to ask about decades from now. Better yet, you could get some good use out of them! But really, when will we stop wearing face masks?

Don’t throw your masks away just yet!

While the state may be lifting the mandate, there are other businesses who will likely keep enforcing mask policies. The governor emphasized the return to personal responsibility. This will be the case for those businesses choosing to sustain their individual mask policies. While people wait to get vaccinated, COVID is still out there, and the threat for spreading is still real. We don’t want to end up back where we were at last June!

So to answer the question: when will we stop wearing face masks? I wouldn’t throw those masks away just yet. You probably will need them for the next couple of months as life returns to normal.

Masks- but make them functional

Through the COVID outbreak many people found that they prefer the buff/neck gaiter style masks. It offers breathability and can conveniently be worn and taken off. Many of our brands offer neck gaitors including: Aftco, Buff, Columbia, and HUK. You may see the trend here.

There are so many more functions for these neck gaiters than just face masks. Many of them offer added technologies including sun protection and moisture wicking. This makes them perfect for outdoor activities such as:

  • Sports (hello baseball players)
  • Cutting Grass
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Biking
  • Hiking

How to wear your neck gaiter

Even better, you don’t always have to wear the neck gaitors in the traditional mask fashion. Below are some pictures for inspiration on how you can wear them as sweat bands and sun protection to get the most functional use.

Different Ways to Wear a Neck Gaiter

How to keep a neck gaiter from slipping

Best practices for keeping the gaiter on your face is to make it is placed securely around your neck. Then pull the top up to the middle of your skull. Next, bring the front of the gaiter up to rest on the bridge of your nose. The mask will stretch to cover the lower portion of your face and neck. 

How to tighten a neck gaiter

Neck gaiters are made to fit snugly. Therefore, it should not move without you stretching it first. Be sure to only stretch the fabric enough to get it on and off. Any excess strain on the fabric could keep it from staying on your head securely.

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