Which Sherpa Brand Is For You?

There is one thing for sure this fall: sherpa pullovers are a must-have item. Sherpa has taken over Eagle Eye! If you haven’t realize it yet, we carry lots and lots and lots of sherpa. We have sherpas from brands like Simply Southern, The Southern Shirt Company, True Grit, Dylan, and Southern Marsh. These cozy pullovers are great to wear anytime and anywhere. Plus, cooler weather is in the air, which means it’s the perfect time to purchase a sherpa pullover. You’ll also be delighted to hear that select sherpas have been marked down in honor of Black Friday and the Christmas season. Let’s take a look at all of our different sherpa options and find which sherpa brand is for you!


Simply Southern Sherpas

Simply Southern Sherpas are always a popular choice among consumers. Last year, we carried these sherpas in several different colors. This year; however, we only have the three colors pictured below. The more neutral colors tend to always be a good go-to. This highly comfortable pullover is made to keep you warm without sacrificing your style. It’s complete with side open hand pockets and extremely soft to the touch fabric. These Sherpa pullovers retail for $54.95, but are currently on sale for just $44. Simply Southern also makes a super cute Hooded Sherpa! It is a full zip jacket, and it is available in three different colors. The Hooded Sherpa is currently on sale for $48! What a wonderful Christmas gift!

The Southern Shirt Company Sherpas

A lot of people do not realize that The Southern Shirt Company makes more than just tees. They also make their own version of a sherpa pullover – one with pockets and one without. Their versions can worn by male and female. The SSCO pullovers, like the Simply Southern ones, are very cozy and warm. They are perfect to wear to a late night bonfire. Ladies, SSCO also makes an adorable sherpa vest! If you aren’t into the full-on pullover, the vest is always a great option. The sherpa vests retail for $74.95, while the sherpa pullovers are currently on sale for $80.

True Grit/Dylan Sherpas

True Grit and Dylan sherpa pullovers are always a fan favorite, year after year. Everyone loves the classic Frosty Tipped Pile Pullover by True Grit (which is on sale for $99 right now). Dylan’s version of that pullover is called the Frosty Stadium Pullover, and it is on sale for $89. This year, True Grit came out with a new style called The Softest Tip Shearling. The newest style resembles the Frosty Tipped Pile Pullover, but is different. The Softest Tip Shearling Pullover features bolder, deeper colors for more of a solid color look. The darker color is on the outside of the fabric, rather than having the white on the outside. The Softest Tip Shearling Pullover is now on sale for $99. Dylan also has their own version of this pullover, called the Shearling Stadium Pullover and it is on sale for $89. True Grit and Dylan both make several other styles of pullovers and vests featuring the sherpa look. You can find all of them in store or on our website. The first picture shows the traditional Frosty Tipped Pile Pullover, while the second picture shows the newer Softest Tip Shearling Pullover.

Southern Marsh Sherpas

We are loving Southern Marsh’s version of a sherpa pullover. The High Mesa Sherpa Pullover feels as comfortable as a plush blanket, but can perform under the ever-changing weather conditions. It’s made from durable fleece fabric that not only holds warmth, but also naturally regulates temperature and resists moisture. The detail and colors on these pullovers is wonderful. They are a little different from your typical sherpa pullover. These pullovers retail for $98.95.

Lauren James Sherpas

Talk about a cute pullover! These teal colored Lauren James Alpine Pullovers are made for both women and girls. They are certain to keep you warm, and stylish throughout the cooler months. The women’s pullover retails for $91.95, and the girl’s pullover retails for $81.95.

Columbia Sherpas

This year, Columbia decided to make their own versions of Sherpa pullovers and jackets. The first sherpa piece featured is the Men’s Rugged Ridge Sherpa. It is a full zip jacket that comes in two colors, gray and green. Currently, it is on sale for $60. The second Columbia sherpa piece shown is the Women’s Fireside II Sherpa. It comes in three colors and is on sale for $60 right now as well. The last sherpa shown is the Women’s Feeling Frosty Sherpa. This pullover is on sale for $50 and is also available in green.

We hope that you enjoyed this look into several different brands and styles of sherpa that we carry here at Eagle Eye Outfitters. Be sure to stop by and grab one!

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