Why is Fjällräven Kånken so Popular?

Since 1978, Fjällräven has produced some of the most iconic backpacks known to man. The boxy shape and vibrant color make it instantly identifiable among rival backpacks. What makes this backpack so special, you may ask? Let’s explore the reasons why Fjällräven Kånken is so popular.   

Its History

Nature has always been the foundation of Fjällräven. Åke Nordin, the founder of Fjällräven Kånken, had a vision to give more people the opportunity to connect with nature. Nordin desired to create a simple backpack that could hold his gear while sitting comfortably on his back. After a decade of tinkering with product ideas, the first Fjällräven Kånken was created. Now its product range has expanded to tents, sleeping bags, jackets and trousers. However, the Fjällräven Kånken remains a cultural icon in Sweden. In some cases, Fjällräven Kånken backpacks are passed down from generation to generation! The history of the Fjällräven Kånken backpack holds a special sentimentality in the hearts of most Swedes and is admired by others globally.

Its Originality

Its oversized handle, boxed shape and bright color create a statement piece for any backpack enthusiast. These packs have gained a large audience on social media, particularly from those who love an eye-catching Instagram aesthetic, because of its unique and captivating design. Due to its responsibly sourced material, users can draw, embroider, and customize their Fjällräven Kånken to fit their personal style. This backpack is often used as a means of self-expression—that is why it is trending on social media!

For more information on how to personalize your Fjällräven Kånken, visit our Kånken Backpacks by Fjällräven blog.

Its Initiative To Save the Arctic Fox

In Scandinavia, the arctic fox population is threatened by climate change and faces extinction. The arctic fox is the brand’s namesake, with Fjällräven meaning “arctic fox” in Swedish. Fjällräven takes part in the The Save the Arctic Fox project by co-financing a research position at Stockholm University in the studies of the ecology of the arctic fox. In addition, they provide equipment for summer and winter research projects. As a result of the efforts from Stockholm University and Fjällräven, the arctic fox population has increased from 50 foxes in Sweden, Norway and Finland to 200 foxes. 

Fjällräven is one of the few brands who is known for its powerful history, originality, and responsibility in protecting our earth. The passion and creativity that Fjällräven provides is why the Fjällräven Kånken is so popular among consumers. Visit our Fjällräven Kånken backpack selection at Eagle Eye Outfitters to find the Fjällräven Kånken that matches your personal style!

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