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Game Changer Initiative Donation Hub

WIRED Ministries is partnering with Eagle Eye Outfitters in order to raise the remaining $100,000 for the Game Changer Initiative.

Leading up to WIRED 2019, WIRED Ministries launched their Game Changer Initiative. Through the Game Changer Initiative, WIRED Ministries partnered with ten local non-profits, who cannot receive federal funding due to their religious affiliation, in efforts to raise $250,000 to fund each ministries’ Game Changer Project. To date, WIRED Ministries has raised $150,000 for these organizations.

During the month of August, Eagle Eye Outfitters will serve as a Game Changer Initiative donation hub. Community members can come to Eagle Eye to learn more about this initiative and donate to the cause. WIRED Ministries has set up a Game Changer display to showcase exclusive Game Changer merchandise. When donors contribute $25 to this initiative they will receive a Game Changer sticker. If they donate $50, they will receive a sticker and t-shirt. If they donate $100, they will receive a hat, a t-shirt, and a sticker.

For more information about the Game Changer Initiative or to donate online, visit

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