Yeti 2020 Fall Collection

Inspired by true events, the new Yeti Fall Collection embraces various aspects of nature for those who work closely with it. From the desert to streams, these green hues tell a story of nature’s true grit. In this blog, we will breakdown the two fall colors, Sagebrush Green and Northwoods Green, and discuss their origins.

Made in inspiration of the Nevada Cowboys, the Sagebrush Green Collection encapsulates the rugged terrain of the West. The Nevada desert is a vast place made for the toughest of cowboys. One will spend hours trailing out, then trot for 15 miles through the sagebrush and desert to reach the cattle. As you look out over the Nevada desert, you see miles of sagebrush green—the inspiration of this Yeti Collection.      

The towering pines along the Northeastern stream of Maine inspired this Northwood Collection. Its dark green resembles the beautiful hue of the Evergreens. The people of this area are hard workers. They’re people who value all that nature has to offer. Now with the Northwood Collection, anyone can join the Northeastern Maine community in enjoying the beauty of the pines. 

The new Yeti Fall Collection brings nature to everyone, no matter where they are. These colors are limited edition, so shop the fall collection while supplies last at Eagle Eye Outfitters!

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